Tuesday, 13 July 2010

spinach and ricotta gnocchi....oh my!

Spinach is growing like crazy...I've got bags and bags filling up the fridge and more to come in a few days! Last night I steamed a whole heap and thought about what to do with it all....First I thought Lasagne...but I didn't have enough milk to make a bechemal sauce...so i opted for the easy (???ha!!!) route towards one of my favourite meals...gnocchi! I just love these little dumplings...smothered in sauce and piping hot...a perfect meal for a rainy miserable and cranky day!

These are not the most beautiful looking gnocchi...They are a bit big and fat...and sausage like...but oh wow! They are ohhhh sooooo good!  I'll be honest, I had no time (or desire) to make my own tomato sauce tonight, but as most of you know...I have no issues with using store bought sauce.  I swear by Bertolli Pecorino sauce, and tonight it offered the perfect balance to these light, but filling spinach dumplings. 

Not to blow my own horn...but I made these without a recipe and...I was so so so so so so so impressed with my effort!  So...what was my method? Um....spinach...cooked and chopped...ricotta cheese mixed in...salt, pepper, nutmeg....about 4 Tbsp of flour, 2 eggs...mixed all together and then chilled.  Once chilled I shaped the mixture into dumplings and dusted them in flour then placed in a simmering pan of water.  They sink to the bottom of the pan and then float to the top when they are ready.  Yum yum yum...but...I would suggest this BBC Food recipe cause my method is just a bit...well....

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  1. yum!!!! looks delicious....i think it would be THE perfect dish to make when you have company SIX WEEKS from today,,,,,

    looking forward to many tastings...