Monday, 5 July 2010

nigella's chocolate chocolate chip muffins

The other day I asked David what treat he would like to take into work in a few weeks to celebrate his exam my shock and horror he said that he would just buy some muffins or cookies from Greggs (a chain bakery)!!!!!! Well...I never!!!

With a tear in my eye I searched the internet for a quick, easy and trustworthy chocolate chip muffin recipe to prove to my beloved that he is INSANE! I've settled on Nigella's chocolate chip muffin recipe from her cookbook Feast.  These are claimed to be proper 'American-style' muffins and...are, in true Nigella fashion, easy to make and undoubtedly a crowd pleaser.  David has yet to place his order...but I suspect he'll be asking soon!


  1. No not Greg's! These muffins look scrummy (loads better than Greg's), I have the book but have never tried the recipe, they look very tempting indeed x

  2. HOw to be perfect...thank you so much for your lovely comment...and WELCOME! they were super easy to make...literally 30 mins from start to baked! :)

  3. Hey Hoia...are those silicone muffin cups????
    How posh!,,,,,

    I think David's office will be thrilled when he arrives bearing these gifts!!! Lucky them...


  4. Cherry...he didn't mean any harm! xxx posh i know! they came with my discounted tins...teehee xx