Sunday, 25 July 2010

Whoop whoop whoopie!

Yesterday at work I watched a demo dvd about a new product we are electric cupcake machine...think waffle iron...but cupcakes (cue eye roll).  I don't get it...I don't understand...It just drives me bonkers.  The cupcake craze is driving me...well crazy! For the most part my eye rolling is down to the number of crazies jumping on the bandwagon NOW...I mean...helllo.....cupcakes are SOOOOOO 2003!! sheesh! Haven't they heard? cupcakes are like totally out! 
Ok ok ok...I don't actually believe that...I do love me a good cupcake and I really enjoy making them and all that....but I've been making them for ages. 

Anyway, long story short...we were chatting about cupcakes and their ever growing paraphernalia (we also sell a battery operated icing pen...i won't tell you what it actually looks like) and I had to put in my two cents...Um...cupcakes are so over, it is all about the whoopie pie don't you know?

What is a whoopie pie? was the response....

CUE EYE ROLL!! What is a whoopie pie? sheesh!! soon became clear that it is my duty to educate my colleagues! I whipped up a batch of red velvet whoopies with brown sugar cream cheese filling this afternoon to take to work tomorrow...Ladies you don't know what you have been missing!!!

Of course, working for a retailer it is clear that there is no sense in THEM jumping on the fashionable whoopie bandwagon since you don't need any special equipment to make them...just a baking sheet and a set of electric beaters (I mean I used my standmixer, but I didn't HAVE to use it...if David asks though, I DID need it...ok??) but still...electric cupcake maker??  

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  1. Ha Ha ... nice little cupcake/whoopie pie story x