Sunday, 25 July 2010

Purple Citrus and Sweet Perfume...

What a treat!!! I received a cryptic message from my Aunt Sandi the other week to "watch the mail"... wondering what surprises could be in store for me I anxiously listened for the thwap thwap of the mail slot.  To my total surprise I arrived home one day last week to an Amazon package waiting for me at my doorstep.  What could this be? I can only assume it is from Sandi...let's look inside! Ripping the cardboard off, I uncovered the gorgeous, sensual and exciting PURPLE CITRUS AND SWEET PERFUME cookbook by Silvena Rowe.  This book is a celebration of the eastern mediterranean...and MAN is it beautiful!!  There are so many incredible looking dishes, full of colour and flavour, and...well...a good deal of meat.  I am already planning on treating us to some meat over the next couple of weeks so that I can really dive into this gorgeous and totally tempting cuisine, but for now I'm sticking to some of the vegetarian dishes, starting with these easy to make Borek.

Filled with a simple mixture of swiss chard and lentils these Turkish delights (see what I did there?) made for an excellent light mid-week meal served with a simple green salad and some radishes.  The recipes from this book aren't on line but there are similar recipes for chard borek and lentil borek.  Try one...


  1. THEY LOOK AMAZING - I must check that book out too

  2. Aren't you THE luckiest of girls????? I think so.