Monday, 25 October 2010

extra-sloppy sloppy joes

I can confidently claim to have read Nigella's new book word for word, page for page and picture for picture five times now.  I can tell you the appliances she has been guilted into buying and then has given away (or never used), those that she can't live without, and her inspirations for each meal.  This, I know, is sad...

One meal that I couldn't wait to try was her BBQ mince...know across the pond by its more accurately discriptive name...Sloppy Joes!! Cue line from Billy Madison...

Sloppy Joes hold a special place in my heart, and stomach! Waaaay back in the late 80s and early 90s my mum used to treat me and my bro to lunch at an old fashioned American-syle diner in the old new section of Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto.  I don't remember its name, I don't remember anything else from the menu other than...Sloppy Joes and fountain pop!!! 

I jump at any chance to make American-style food, especially something that doesn't appear on the menus here in the UK.  I love sharing the foods that my friends have seen or heard about on American tv shows and movies (don't get me started on what they thought Kraft Dinner was) and I don't know why sloppy joes are not a staple here in the UK...perhaps they are too sloppy, perhaps they are too bbq-ey, perhaps they are too...North American.  Regardless...they should be a staple here...i mean...gooey, sweet minced beef on buns...yum yum yum !


  1. I'm giggling at how similar we are, I made this recipe the other night and loved it. I couldn't wait to try my 1st sloppy Joe! I too have a soft spot for American food, I will deffinetly make these again x

  2. From one Chelmsford girl to another, I am going to have to make these sloppy joe's. All kidding aside I live Chelmsford, Massachusetts USA. Some how I have a feeling that your Chelmsford is probably a tad more quaint than my Chelmsford.

  3. Sloppy Joe's have always been a favorite in our house, and usually as a treat we have at least once a month. And boy can we make them sloppy!

  4. How to be perfect...ahahah that's great!! Although, I wish I could make cupcakes like you!

    From beyond my kitchen window...quaint is the word, yes!

    Medifast coupons...the sloppier the better!!