Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Nigella's Small pasta with salami

Good Lordy! Nigella is back in true domestic goddess form and looking like one yummy mummy! One episode into Nigella Kitchen and I am totally under her spell.  As soon as she started creating this comforting meal I knew it was perfect for a quick mid-week fix for me and David.  In the time it takes to boil the pasta- the sauce has come together and bish bash bosh....dinner is served. 

Ok, so at first look this totally looks like KD with some chickpeas and salami...but I promise...I swear it is just a simple tomato sauce made from chopped tomatoes with some herbs.  I've used macaroni because it was the smallest pasta I could find....but I'm on the hunt for all those great Italian shapes I know are out there!You'll find the recipe on the bbc food website and please please please try it!


  1. Ok i will xx i have seen that Nigella is on - but not managed to watch it yet - but i expect i will be under her spell too !!!!

  2. I too am freaking out with joy over Nigella, I'm making the thai chicken noodle soup this week. Pasta look seriously yummy both here and on Nigella's show x x x

  3. This looks lovely - Ive just got the Nigella app and its totally addictive, must catch up with the series!

  4. It DOES look like KD!!! hahahahha....but I knew it wasn't cause you had NOT tossed in any hotdogs....

    looks so yummy...


  5. cherry...make sure you catch up with the series! totally a must watch!

    how to be going to adapt the thai soup recipe this week too...depending on what is in my fridge!

    freerangegirl...ooooooo i heard the app is awesome..sadly not for blackberry :(

    mummi-ji...this has just strengthened my craving for KD (and i have hotdogs in the freezer!) x