Friday, 29 October 2010

NIgella's Spanish Chicken with Chorizo

Totally simple one tray bake...thank you Nigella and all your domestic goddessness!

This takes like an hour and 15 mins to prepare and cook, and about a second to inhale! I totally over filled the pan with potatoes and chorizo...too much for just the two of us (don't worry we managed to eat it all!), but it was oh so good! We ate late last night and minutes after we had finished it was time to watch Nigella on tv... and guess what she made! Spanish Chicken with Potatoes and Chorizo!!! I actually squealed outloud!


  1. Damn you and your fine cooking. Thus was going to be my chicken dish this week.! I may have to do something with pumpkins instead!!

  2. can have it my friend! ps...i am making spiced pumpkin chutney on tuesday... :)

    Cherry...thanks! it was totally amazing! :)

  3. I have something special waiting for you:
    Cheers :)