Monday, 5 March 2012

Afternoon Tea (mostly an opportunity to stuff my face)

Yesterday I had my first proper pop-up dining experience...and it was awesome.  Pop-ups are really hot right now...and I don't think the fad will fade anytime soon.  They are fresh and fast and blink...and you'll miss it (if you even knew anything about it in the first place).  I've been pretty slow off the mark for a few events and have been left sniffling at my computer when tickets have sold out, or I've discovered event only AFTER it has happened. 

You can imagine my joy and excitement when some awesome gals I'd met though the Edinburgh Cake Ladies mentioned that they were starting a Pop-up Afternoon Tea event, aptly named Tealicious, in a secret (and totally fitting) location in Leith.  They kindly released tickets to the first event early to fellow Cake Ladies and I was over the moon to snag a spot.  

Each afternoon tea event is going to be themed and yesterday 10 of us greedy cake lovers were treated to an extremely generous selection of Floral creations.  Everything was perfectly presented, it was dainty without being fussy, and it was obvious that loads of time went into the planning and preparation of the whole afternoon.  As one of my fellow eaters remarked "there is love in these cakes".  

Each table was set out for two, but the intimacy of the room made the whole experience much more of a group event. The Tealicious ladies know their stuff and on top of the fabulous sweet offerings we were also treated to savouries to start.  

I am not ashamed to say that I am an afternoon tea junkie and I have to say I am in danger of becoming a Tealicious groupie.  I've already booked to take my mum next month when she is over visiting and will most likely find excuses (like I need any) to stuff my face on other occasions.  

This pop-up gets two big clotted cream covered thumbs up from me! 


  1. Love the idea of these pop up shops especially where tea and cakes are concerned.
    I visited Cherry at her Art and Craft pop up shop today which was great, but sadly not a cake could be seen. It would be great if Chelmsford could open a Tealicious pop up shop too......xx

  2. Now this pop up sounds even more fun than your Burger - am trying SO HARD not to be jealous.

  3. These photos look scrumptious. I love the pop-up idea.