Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bake Sofi's Bar

Last night I built up my baking courage a visited a new baking club in Edinburgh, at the totally quirky Sofi's Bar in Leith.  Run by Steph, who works at Sofi's, this bake club brings together new and experienced bakers in a totally relaxed environment.  

Sofi's Bake Club meets once a month and is a themed bake. This month the theme was icing.  Icing is something that I am not very confident with, in fact I am not really an icing kind of gal anyway.  Don't get me wrong I go gaga for a good ganache and a really soft buttercream can get me drooling...but for the most part I find icing tends to fall flat.  It is often too sugary or grainy or well...there is just too darn much of it.  But one of the great things about Bake Club is that it is an opportunity to try new things, to attempt something be brave. 

I wasn't brave.  I didn't do anything new. Instead I thought it was about time the Edinburgh baking community was introduced to the incredible delight that is The Nanaimo Bar (the ICING is the middle layer).  

This is a Canadian food staple.  Along with the buttertart and maple syrup this beautiful little square just screams the True North Strong and Free.  Graham cracker and coca base with a custard icing middle topped with silky smooth dark chocolate...Oh Canada, indeed!

oh those gorgeous Sofi's chocolate cakes...they were Steph's! 


  1. That sounds like so much fun - and am loving the sound of the Nanaimo bar! Completely new one on me - and I am ALWAYS happy to discover a new type of baked good :-))


  2. "True North Strong and Free" INDEED!!!
    ....good on you...someone should send you the TIM HORTONS medal of patriotism....