Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Toad in the Hole

I love yorkshire pudding...but I am really picky about it.  I like it pudding-y...thick and stodgy with just the slightest crisp to the outside.  Of course it has to be cooked through, but it can't be a shell...you know the crisp outside with not a smidgen of puddingy goodness in the middle...no no that will not do for me.  It has to be because yorkshire pudding has always been cooked in a loaf tin in my family...we fight over the middle bits...the stodgiest bits.  Anyway...because of that I am always dubious of a toad in the hole recipe not in a loaf tin.  

I've been thinking about (and then forgetting about) making Nigella's recipe from Kitchen for a while now.  There were a few things that caught my eye ages ago...rolling the sausages in to patties, cooking in a round baking tin...and of course the food styling in the book.  But for some reason I've just not made it...

Until last night, that is.  I only had about 250ml of milk in the house so the batter was slightly thicker than Nigella's recipe calls for...but much closer to the proportions my parents and grandma use.  I was really impressed with my attempt and the perfect balance between stodgy and crispy.  


  1. Heavenly! Love the stodgy bit the best too.

  2. Toad in the hole is amazing - and I agree, you definitely need the right proportion of squidge to crunch. Love the Nigella idea - may have to give it a go!


  3. phew!!! good to hear that there was "perfect balance" in yorkshire heaven.....Grandma will be pleased....