Monday, 26 March 2012

Dinner excuse for making a huge dessert! (like I needed one)

After the tart-a-thon on with the Edinburgh Cakes Ladies last week I had vowed to stay away from the desserts...for a while. I know it sounds awful but this past month has been one foodie event after another and "moderation" is not something I am good at.  I am a greedy guts...FACT. 

Well everything went down the drain when I remembered that we were having friends over for dinner on Saturday night.  Friends who have recently had a baby.  Friends who needed to be pampered. So...what better than a gigantic pavlova? Meringue, Cream and Strawberries...piled high high high. 

I've not actually made a pavlova before, but when I was debating what to make I remembered that I had 4 egg whites in the freezer just screaming out to be used.  I did some research on the internet and realised that I didn't have cream of tartar or cornstarch or white vinegar...ingredients that were claimed to be integral to the making of a proper pavlova.  

Than I came across Delia's recipe...just egg whites and sugar. Simple.  


  1. One of my fave puds...but we do it differently here as I appear to have fussy kids!!!...look

    I like them made up though, so yours looks like heaven to me!

  2. I absolutely love pavlova and this one looks a beauty!


  3. Oh I do love making pudding for guests:-). Your Pavlova looks scrumptious.

  4. Absolutely my favourite pudding. I used to make this pudding for special celebrations and found Delia's recipe the best......xx

  5. Looks amazing! Anything with cream & strawberries has to be delicious - in my book!