Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Edinburgh Cake Ladies Get Tarty

Last night I hosted the Edinburgh Cake Ladies at the newly renovated Mimi's Bakehouse in Leith.  Our theme this month was tarts.  I'll confess now I was the one who chose the theme...casually one day I mentioned that it might be fun.  Turns out it was stressful! Not the organising bit...the pastry bit.  But, we Cake Ladies love to challenge ourselves and as everyone turned up...some apologising for their tarts (the needn't have) it was clear that this group of ladies is all about the love of baking (and eating).  It is clearly not a competition...

I ate 8 petite slices last night

Sophia's Raspberry Lemon Frangipane

Fiona's Pumpkin Pie

Alison's Chocolate Orange

Wendy's Blood Orange

Pam's Maple Walnut 

Lea's Passion Fruit Meringue

Amy's Onion and Mustard Tart  (which I also just ate for breakfast) 

and Lisa's Bacon, Brie and Glodcrest Tomato Rocket Tart 

The mix between the savoury and sweet was really nice...and made it easier to plough my way through all 8.  I am sorry that I didn't manage more, true Edinburgh Cake Ladies fashion I've got a tin of slices to keep me going over today and tomorrow.  

Check the Edinburgh Cake Ladies Blog for more tartshots (eeek once I've managed to get them up!)  

Oh...I almost own

Rhubarb Custard tart from this month's issue of delicious magazine.  


  1. ooooh yum!... I love the blood orange one...

  2. Hmm v jealous but my waist line breathed a sigh of relief.

  3. Oh my, that is my idea of heaven on a plate.

  4. congrats on a great looking tart, missie pie!!!!'ve outdone yourself!!!