Saturday, 26 May 2012

A girl cannot dine on steak alone...

David and I rarely eat meat at home, partly because it is too expensive and partly as an ethical choice, but when we go out to eat we often indulge in something juicy and bloody.  When Steak Edinburgh opened way back in February I couldn't wait to get the glad rags out and sink my teeth into a steak.  Unfortunately, for the most part, the prices are out of my league.  That is not to say that they are astronomical, they are fair (steaks are priced per 100g with a minimum of 250g order) and competitive, just out of my little league.  

However, on a Thursday night they offer a fantastic deal...


That's right...a Steak (with chips and bernaise sauce) and a Milkshake for £13.50.  The only problem...until last week Thursday was my college night.  Six weeks ago...when I found out that after my exam I would no longer have to shlep out to college on a Thursday night...I made a plan.  A quick tweet out and the date was set.  

9 ladies +steak+shake= 1 excellent meal.  

The steak (250g of sirloin) was cooked perfectly and the bernaise was smooth with just enough of a vinegar tang for my liking.  

Served with a huge portion of chips.  Perfectly crisp and hot, accompanied by numerous homemade sauces (the ketchup was incredible) 

And to wash it all down a banoffee milkshake.  The hardest part of the evening was choosing my milkshake flavour...vanilla, chocolate, mocha, banoffee, peanutbutter, and the "guest" shake Bounty all sounded incredible. I opted for the banoffee and was very happy with the flavour.  The only downside it wasn't thick enough for my liking so I drank it far too quickly! 

I expected a good steak and I got it.


  1. First tofu, now steak??!?! My food loves coming together in one blog! We rarely buy steak to eat at home, and will instead buy burgers to bbq and sliced sirloin for beef stew. I also enjoy steak and beef in general whenever we go out to eat; we even had roast beef for our wedding meal. I think we're very fortunate to get such wonderful beef here in Scotland (yay Aberdeen Angus Beef!), and I will personally enjoy it as much as I can (which isn't that often actually), until we move back to Canada.

  2. A fantastic and satisfying meal!

  3. I'd say that was pretty good value and it looks lovely. I have a friend whose comment on things out of her price league is "might as well be half a million as tuppence if you haven't got it"