Sunday, 6 May 2012

lovecrumbs...the NKOTB

There's a new cake shop in town...

lovecrumbs lovely cake shop officially opens on Monday, but a friend in the cakey know took me along yesterday for their soft launch...what a great marketing word (it is almost lost on me). was hardly a soft launch...there was a full selection of cakes, tarts and scones as well as Artisan Roast coffee and looseleaf teas from Anteaques.  

I don't want to call lovecrumbs a is really a cake shop, a meeting place to enjoy a good slice with a cup of is relaxed.  Everything is served on vintagey eclectic crockery, the decor is totally vintage rustic and the display case tops it all is an old wardrobe! (From Harrods in the days gone by).  

lovecrumbs is not just about the aesthetic...the same attention to detail and love has been put into their cakes.  It was really hard to choose where to start, the selection was excellent...chocolate tarts, scones, chocolate layer cake, carrot cake, flapjacks, brownies, madeleines.  I must stress the only problem was where to START.  The friend I went with appreciates a good cake even more than I do and we can easily have 2 courses of cake (and take some home).  I didn't snap any pictures of her cakes...I didn't want to breathe my stuffed up nose germs over them...but I am assured that the fruit scone with homemade jam was excellent as was the carrot cake (which I also ordered to go!). 

Lemon Meringue Tart 

Followed by a Violet Madeleine (to go with my violet tea) 

Take away box containing goodies for home...and something to SHARE with David. 

Carrot cake and totally to.die.for brownie 

I'll be fact it is only a 20 minute stroll from my house so I am destined to become a regular.  I love lovecrumbs already.  


  1. What a fabulous name for a cake shop. I was getting all excited as I am going to Edinburgh today, then I saw it doesn't open until Monday :(

  2. Everything looks absolutely lovely, but the lemon tart has me drooling. I even love the pretty swirly writing of their brand. I shall have to sneak in a visit before I leave Edinburgh.

  3. Wow, this looks! Definitely worth a trip next time we come to Edinburgh.


  4. Edinburgh really seems like a cake heaven! We have all sorts of trendy cupcake shops here in the states, but rarely do you see a classic cake shop---love it!

  5. Ahh, if only I didn't have to jump on a plane to get to Edinburgh! Looks like your friend's friend is going to have a very successful bake shop!