Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Post Exam Cake-up

Monday morning, bright and early, I took the bus out to my college to sit the most terrifying exam I have encountered since finishing high school (not to brag but my university exams were for the most part not terrifying...thank you arts degree).  I've been studying Intermediate 2 Maths (aka GCSE or Grade 11) in the hopes that I might do well enough to get onto a course here at Edinburgh University...my 3 degrees don't count for much without a "post the age of dinosaurs" maths credit apparently.  

After 2.5 hours of torture I headed back into town to meet some friends for a celebratory cake-up at our favourite little cafe Bon Papillon.  Although all I wanted after my awful morning was course after course of Stuart's lovely cake I had some soup and a herb scone to calm myself down before I got stuck into the main event...

Date, Honey, Walnut and Banana Cake.  

We spent hours chatting about this and that and before I knew it, it was 3:30! What a fantastic way to take my mind off my exam and to spend the rest of my day off from work.  


  1. Aw good stuff - a perfect way to celebrate! Fingers all crossed for you x

  2. I'm sure you've done well. You have my sympathy I had to do the same thing before I could do my PGCE, but it was worth it. I've been teaching for nearly 20 years, though I'm very part time now.

  3. congrats on finishing the maths course....I totally agree with Katey...what a perfect way to celebrate --- WITH CAKE!!!!