Friday 12 March 2010

Crunchy Beetroot and Carrot salad topped with Creamy Goat Cheese

My parents came by this afternoon en route to London to off load their surplus food and toilet paper and paper towels etc. I scored some really nice cheeses and some smoked salmon and some other yum yum yummy goodies...but I had to find space for it all in my already packed to the rafters fridge and cupboards!! While squeezing and stuffing and mangling things I found two gigantic beetroots that I had completely forgotten about...Not only were they taking up valuable space needed for half finished bottles of milk, and juice and wine...but they also desperately needed to be used up (before any more show up in this week's delivery) so I made a HUGE bowl of raw beetroot salad to be eaten this weekend, and over the next week. 

This is a totally easy, albeit messy, salad to prepare (and even easier to devour!).  Just peel and coarsly grate a few carrots, and a honking big beet (or a couple of smaller ones...basically you want a good ratio of carrot to beetroot) and add a huge handful of chopped parsley.  The dressing is equally is simple...2 TBSP olive oil, 2 TBSP orange juice, 2 TSP honey, salt, pepper, 1 cloved pressed garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Mix it all together with a couple of shakes of sesame seeds (toasted).  I topped with with a bit of soft goat's cheese, which we all knows goes perfectly with beetroot!!


  1. Never made a salad with beets; do you cook the beets or prepare this raw; looksreal good.

  2. hmmm yummy yummy yummyyyy!!!this is a very good recipe and i want to try it soon, simply and delicious...I love goat cheese!
    Great recipe,
    thanks for sharing it with us

  3. Sage...Rita, the beets are raw...just peel and grate! yummy, and earthy and somewhat sweet! x

    Annalisa...let me know if you try it! xo

  4. looks and sounds amazing

  5. you're flippin come I never knew all this stuff when I got married...Mr Blogg is one very lucky guy...his belly is never going to be empty xx

  6. Cherry...thanks!!! I'll have to bring some over soon x

    Jane...awwwwwwwwwwwww I am sure you knew all sorts of things that I don't know!! :)