Tuesday 30 March 2010

Miserable Meatless Monday

Rain rain go away!! Man, it rained constanly yesteday! Between that and the fact that I was in no mood to go out (I stayed in my jammies all day) dinner was a bit of a stretch last night.  By now you should all be able to guess my go-to meal when in a pinch or totally lazy...yup! you guessed it...Risotto! I had seen a recipe in a magazine last month for Creamy Leek Risotto and couldn't for the life of me find it yesterday in the house...I knew I didn't have any ricotta or goats cheese to make the creamy bit of the risotto, but I sure did have leeks...

I made this risotto a little bit differently from how I usually would, there was no soffritto, no sauteeing onions, garlic and celery...the base of this risotto is a bit of chopped garlic and sliced leeks sauteed in a bit of butter until just soft.  I added a good large glass of white wine to the leeks and let them simmer away to soften and cook.  Once the liquid has cooked away THEN the rice is added and the traditional risotto method (or my method at least) can resume.  Really yummy and satisfying!


  1. Your "go-to-meal" seems like a satisfying gourmet treat to me! That's why I passed an award along to you today! It's posted on my blog!

  2. I do love Risotto but have never made it. My son makes me a treat once in a while when he visits;anything with leeks has to be good.
    Happy Easter.
    Hope the rain has gone away.

  3. Jenny...thank you so much!!!! :)

    Sage...Rita, the next time your son makes it get him to teach you...once you make it you won't stop!!! :) x