Thursday 25 March 2010

Working Wednesday Mid-Week Meal

I know that this is going to sound pathetic, I mean women/wives juggle work and home all the time....for decades...why oh why is it so hard for me?? Maybe it is because I have been 'retired' for all these months...I don't know...

There are a few things that I am going to have to start getting my head around...mainly using the freezer and meal planning.  The first isn't too difficult...other than the problem that there are 18 cupcakes taking up most of the space in the tiny freezer we have...meal planning on the other hand...while fun in theory it is something that I don't all together like doing.  Mostly it is because I really love taking my time and pottering into town daily to browse and choose what to make for dinner...possibly not the most economical option but the most fun for me...not to mention there is minimal (think itty bitty) space to store a week's worth of groceries in our kitchen. 

I did my best this week though...I tried...and David helped...the funny thing is that we were both soooooo hungry by dinner time Monday and Tuesday that I didn't even think to take any photos...although I was proud of both of our meals...and of US! Meatless Monday was a return to Canadian Maple Flavoured Mushroom Burgers with oven baked fries (easy peasy)...Tuesday David goes to the gym after work leaving a little more time to cook so I baked chicken legs smothered in dijon garlic and lemon with boiled potatoes and salad...I will definetly be making it again so Watch This Space!

Last night was a bit of a hodgepodge and by mid week (actually the end of my working week) I was totally exhausted so together we created this totally easy veggie pasta with a cream sauce...I suppose it was a cheat's out Delia!

We basically used the veggies that were left in the fridge...a couple of huge portobello mushrooms, left over asparagus spears, a couple of handfuls of baby spinach and peas and about 300ml of creme fraiche.  While the pasta was cooking I sauteed the musrooms with half a chopped shallot and a clove of garlic in a little oil and butter, added the asparagus and then the creme fraiche and a ladel or so of cooking water from the pasta.  Once the sauce had combined I added the spinach, turned the heat down and let that wilt into the sauce.  Meanwhile the peas went in with the pasta about 5 mins before that was done cooking. Drain the pasta, add to the sauce (or vice versa) and serve with loads of parmesan cheese and black pepper! Not the most attractive of dishes, but it sure was yummy.

I've got 5 days off now so will have to think of some meals to make in batches and freeze...we can't have easy pasta every night...although I would really love to!!!


  1. You should be proud of yourself; those last minute meals sounded really good. You have to get yourself a slow cooker. A lifesaver for a working wife.

  2. Yes well done Victoria - you have done really well - Ive always found Mary Berry Cook books good for freeze ahead meals etc - she has really practical tips - yes the slow cooker is good - but you need to prepare in the morning - before work - which i found never really worked - and it only needs about 6 hours to cook and often you are away from home longer than that !- i love the slow cooker but only use it when i'm home all day - preparing the meal about 11.30am and its usually ready for 5- 6pm but I like to be around to savour the lovely smells and keep an eye on it and top up with fluid if necessary .

  3. ps i could always store some cup cakes for you if it helps ? - promise not to eat them honest x

  4. Sage...Rita have been seriously considering a slow cooker...but am out of the house for 9 hours at work :( Still thinking about it though :)

    Cherry...We've got some Merry Berry cookbooks at work...will have a peek when it is slow!! thanks for offering to take the cupcakes...we are making our way through them!! ;) x