Monday 22 March 2010

Got the work blues...I miss my kitchen!!

I started a part time job last week. ugh. It is funny...I was itching to have something steady to do, but seriously I am not finding it easy to get back into the swing of it after being off from work for the last 6 months! I think that the part I miss the most about being at home is planning my day around doing the chores and most importantly taking the time to make a really nice dinner for me and David.  Working now means that I will have to be a bit better at planning my meals, making batches of things to freeze and will just be different adn I will have to learn to SHARE.  

On Saturday I worked a full day leaving David at home and when I returned????

David had totally tidied the house AND made this gogeous meat lasagna with creme fraiche.  It was so so so nice to come home to a lovely home cooked meal, but in all honesty...I would rather be the one MAKING the meal! :)

We've sat down and planned our meals for the week so we shall see what works and what doesn't!


  1. Well done with the New job - Ceri the cook from work has been to the flagship store up North and is soooo jealous of your job ........ and what a wonderful contribution from your New husband.x

  2. It looks so good!
    He's an angel! Keep him.

  3. I was about to say the same thing --- HE"S A KEEPER!!!!!

  4. Cherry...yes it was a wonderful contribution!! now he has to keep it up!! :)

    Sage...Rita...will be keeping him for sure!

    Anonymous...yes yes he is!!!