Thursday, 7 July 2011

I've been naughty...Part 1

Two coffee treats in one week! The first one was planned...the second...a sort-of reward for battling with the powers that be (well deserved I may add...the treat...not the battle).

Wednesday I wandered along the Royal Mile, visited the Museum of Edinburgh and popped into Always Sunday for a coffee treat.  I've read a heap of rave reviews on the internet and blogs and although I am not a fan of cafes in the middle of tourist heaven I thought I would give it a go.  If it hadn't been raining I would have sat outside, was raining so I took cover inside.  It wasn't packed to the rafters, but it was busy.  A large party of mum's and babies in the front, a couple of groups of business people and some backpackers filled pretty much all the tables.  You have to queue to order, which...if you are in a group is ok...but when you are solo you run the risk of not having a space to seat once you are served.

I ordered a latte and an apple cinnamon scone with butter.  I was handed a cafeteria style tray with my scone (drinks to be brought to the table) and I only JUST managed to snag a table...right by the condiments, right by the cash register.

The scone was pretty good, it was definitely cinnamon...not really apple-y, was light and still warm and a really decent size.  The latte...was...frothy milk...I am talking froth halfway down the mug...not impressed.  But, you know was packed, and it stayed packed...and in the half hour I was there people just kept coming and going.

I am not going to say I won't go back...I would give it another chance (the plain french press coffee looked really good...and the scones were alright) but...there are other places around the Royal Mile that I would rather take my visitors to.  Plus marks for serving the latte in a mug though, and a good selection of cakes and food.

Harsh? maybe...


  1. No I don't think so - quite anxiety provoking if your one on your own and need to snag a table !! x