Tuesday, 5 July 2011

spring broth for a warm-ish july evening

Enjoyed a really wonderful weekend so full of picnics and sunshine and the tennis that by the time Sunday dinner time came neither of us could manage to eat much of the roast pork I had cooked.  That's ok...leftovers are so much better I think...so into the fridge went the leftovers just waiting for Monday night's supper.

Over the weekend I picked up a booklet of recipes from Waitrose (free) highlighting their new Love Life range (health food) and spied this gorgeous looking bowl of soup.  Of course the recipe called for a range of Waitrose ingredients...frozen stock shots, pulled ham hock...but after a few 21st century urban housewife tweaks here and there we had an equally as stunning meal in front of us.

I substituted the ham hock with the left over roast pork from Sunday night and was really happy with the result.  AND just enough left over for my lunch today!!


  1. Oh, this looks absolutely scrummy! And I DEFINITELY agree that leftovers are better - just think of turkey sandwiches on Boxing Day!


  2. looks Great - loving the picnic and sunshine bits too xxxxxxxxx

  3. It looks super. You are quite right, why buy a ham hock, when you have left over pork!

  4. Seren...mmm turkey...i can't wait till boxing day!! :)

    Cherry...us too!!

    A Trifle Rushed...it was super yummy! I would consider buying the ham hock in the future if there were no leftovers :)

  5. Your soup looks nicer than Waitroses. Cooking is about adapting to what you have in.

  6. I am a very fussy eater, but i would love to try some of you soup. I am know for my pumpkin soup. I make it with all the produce i harvest from my garden in the Autumn and serve it with home made bread, it really lovely .......xx

  7. Karen...thanks! I always adapt...even if i don' t mean to!

    L...mmmmmm i love pumpkin soup! might have to ask for a care package ;)