Monday, 25 July 2011

A Wilderness Adventure, River-side Picnic and a Gorgeous Tart

What an adventure! We took the bus out to Dalkeith Country Estate this weekend and spent a good chunk of time wandering (sometimes aimlessly) around the trails and through the forest and fields and along the riverbank.  We managed to take a wrong turn at some point...and there was a moment where I was like...ok just keep following the river...we'll be ok...and then...the next trail marker appeared out of nowhere! Phew!

We made the wrong turn after we had stopped for our picnic lunch on the banks of the river.  I'd like to think that the reason for the wrong turn was because we were still talking about how great our picnic was...but it probably was because we had been turned around and weren't really paying attention.

Picnic Grub: Toast with butter, picante sardines, lemon sardines and rice salad...and raspberries picked from the hedgerows along the path!

Returning home exhausted, hot, sweaty and a little bit grubby neither of us felt much like eating.  I had planned to make a quiche and salad for supper (to last us two nights) so I went ahead and made it thinking that if we didn't eat any it was no big deal...

Needless to say by 7:15 we were both more than happy to sit down and stuff our faces!! This quiche is made with ricotta cheese, it is light and fluffy and creamy.  The pastry is smeared with dijon mustard (mummy's trick),topped with chopped cooked spinach, the ricotta mixture (3 eggs, 250g ricotta, 1tbsp chopped basil and 100ml milk) and then finished with halved cherry tomatoes.

For two people who weren't hungry...we still managed to eat half of it!


  1. Wow, that tart looks divine! The smear of mustard on the pastry case is a genius idea :-)


  2. was a sainsburys was easy and yummy...and milk instead of cream! :)

  3. your picnic looked scumptious....and so does your quiche!!! was the ricotta the regular kind or extra creamy???


  4. Mummi-ji...thanks!! just regular ricotta...not that there is a choice at Asda! haha :)

  5. That quiche looks delious, just right to eat after a long tiring walk....... Fresh air always makes me hungry........xx