Thursday, 7 July 2011

I've been naughty...Part 2

I hate bureaucracy...I am sure we all do...waiting in line...waiting on hold....waiting for a letter...waiting, waiting, waiting...

For the last six years my life has been dictated by forms and people on the other end of helplines or behind counters...I thought it was almost over...I was wrong.

Today I spent 45 mins waiting...waiting for my number to be called...waiting to go into a little office...

Do not frett! The outcome was satisfactory, sure I'm out of pocket...and I'll never get those 45 mins back...and I have to wait for something to come in the least I've done my part.  Ugh...the bast way to cure the bureaucratic blues?? of course!!

After a quick stop at the Museum of Childhood for a poke around I wandered back home via Leo's Beanery in Stockbridge.  This cafe is so...perfect.  Like Wellington Coffee, Leo's in the basement with tables outside as well.  It was busy inside, but the sun was shining (for the moment) so I took a seat outside.  The staff are lovely and were able to help me make up my scattered mind...for instance should I have a small latte or a large latte? Why not a flat white if you like a stronger coffee? The barista suggested (is it still "a" if it is a guy?)...perfect!!

Not as smooth as Wellington Coffee, but tasty and hot.  I wasn't going to have anything to eat (second treat of the week and all that...) but I was tempted by the breakfast menu, and again was helped to decide...scone or porridge?  tough decision...I was told.  Porridge it was (seeing as I had a scone yesterday and rain was definitely on the horizon).  The porridge is made with milk and served with scottish honey and then a choice of toppings...berries it was for me today!

Warmed bananas, blackberries, raspberries and black currants, a wonderful way to energise my day! Leo's Beanery is somewhat out of the way...or at least off the main stretch of shops etc., but it is well worth checking out.


  1. Yummy Mr "T" loves his porridge - might be a place to take Him xx

  2. yum yum yum....a well deserved treat for anyone who has survived a bureaucratic morning (or afternoon for that matter!)
    hmmmmm....sounds like you're racking up a couple of favourite places....

    can't wait till I visit....


  3. Ooooh I hate bureaucracies. Even a visit to the PO gives me hives. Your breakfast looks so great, I wish they served food like that in American coffee shops.

  4.'s on the list of things to do....

    Mummi-ji...I can't wait either!

    Sue...I think it is a Scottish thing...cause I couldn't get it in England! :)