Wednesday, 6 July 2011

More fresh green food!

Looking back on the last few dishes I have posted I am met with a gallery of beautiful and bold green veggies looking back at me.  Broad beans, courgettes and spring cabbages to name a not fear...I will not fail you today!  Green is on the menu, it seems.

Last night I made yet another fabulous pasta dish from Denis Cotter's For the Love of Food.  Sauteed thinly sliced fennel, courgettes, spring onions and capers tossed in a little olive oil, added to rigatoni and topped with heaps of grated parmesan cheese.  Absolutely perfect for a stormy summer night!


  1. looking good !!! LOVE THE RED HANDLE TOO x

  2. Love this pasta dish, especially with the fennel. Thanks for the inspiration. Will be cooking this sometime.

  3. I'm loving these summer pasta dishes with green veggies and a bit of cheese. I'm on a fennel kick after avoiding it for years. Looks beautiful!

  4. Cherry...oooo!! totally not trying to be Arty :)

    Michael...the fennel is such a nice addition...I wasn't too sure...but it cooks down really nicely.

    Sue...thanks!! I love a good summer pasta dish! :)