Friday, 1 July 2011

Wellington Coffee, Edinburgh...must stop scone treat!

I am overwhelmed with the number of independent coffee shops and cafes lining the streets of Edinburgh. It is becoming difficult to choose where to visit next, I've got my list...gleaned from online reviews and blogs...and I am slowly making my way through.  Yesterday I set out on a the direction of one highly praised cafe...long story short...I wasn't impressed when I walked in the door, so I walked out again...simple as that.  I won't name and shame...mostly because of all the rave reviews I have read, and also because I am not about being negative.  So...I continued to walk along and followed my nose to Wellington Coffee.

I walk by Wellington Coffee on most is always packed (lunch time) and I always clock the big chalk board outside with the sweetest words...Fresh Scones...hooked!

So, in I went.

Inside the cafe is small, there is limited seating but at 11:30 in the morning I was early for the lunch time rush.  Patio seating was full (sunny and warm) but the large basement windows were opened all the way so, after ordering, I plopped myself on a stool by the window and watched the world go by.

Wellington Coffee is owned and...from what I could tell...staffed by Kiwis and DAMN do they know how to make a good coffee.  My Flat White was perfect, it was warm enough, smooth and...a big plus...did not need sugar (unlike some chain coffee stores who consistently burn their coffee...oops what happened to not being negative?).

Now, let's talk about that gigantic scone.  There were two choices, fruit or apricot.  I went for apricot, which came with bramble jelly and clotted cream.  Ok this scone was probably the biggest I have ever seen, and not only was it was taaaaallllll.  The texture was really lovely, and the apricots were a nice change to sultanas.  The biggest plus...the more than generous serving of clotted cream.

David saw the picture and immediately said...can you take me there? Need I say more?

Wellington Coffee


  1. sounds like a perfect coffee shop, yum fresh scones!

  2. Ohhh, looks fantastic! You can't beat a good scone. I may have to bake some over the weekend now...


  3. sounds AMAZING !!! Vic - ( you can take me there too !!!!!) xxxx

  4. two was really nice (could do with more seating though...)

    Seren...home baked are the best...but these were surprising good for coffee shop fare. betcha!! :)

  5. Edinburgh sounds wonderful. Every day a treat. The scone and coffee look perfect. Lucky you:-)

  6. Canada Day today and we have Will and Kate visiting; I wanted to come and give you a wave.

  7. hmmmm....sounds to me like you should be organizing and advertising "Cafe walking tours of Edinburgh"....with some side-history thrown in.....


  8. Two of my favorite things---scones and apricots, sounds heavenly! I love making scones but I don't think I've ever been able to get mine to rise that tall. We can now find clotted cream in the States now and then. Wonder if I could make my own...

  9. The scone looks as big as a baby's head. LOL Can you tell I tend to exaggerate. But, seriously that is one large scone. It's always nice to find a good coffee shop.