Sunday, 17 June 2012

Banana Crepe Cake

The Euros and David's studying have totally taken over our house, our routine, our everything.  All of that coupled with some pretty miserable weather left me in a total rut this weekend.  Silence is needed in the house during the day and breaks are only taken for lunch and football...yawn yawn yawn.  I begged and I pleaded with David to let me use the kitchen a bit on Saturday (where the studying takes place) and, kindly, he agreed. 

I've been dreaming of making Smitten Kitchen's Banana Bread Crepe Cake with Butterscotch for ages and decided that since it involved a minimum of noise, and no baking, it would be the perfect cake to prepare while poor David was sitting at the table, in silence, studying.  

Layers and layers of crepes sandwiched with creamy filling and topped with a butterscotch totally perfect! The crepes are flavoured with mashed banana and banana bread spices...nutmeg, cinnamon, and ground cloves (I used mixed spice).  I love crepes, but I rarely make them at home...only because my dna forces me to make fluffy pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and, to be honest, I rather have a big slice of cake for dessert than a couple of crepes with Nutella.  I have to say it wasn't awesome standing over the stove flipping 16 crepes, but satisfaction did arrive...finally...with the eating.  

The filling for this crepe cake is a mixture of cream cheese, greek yoghurt and sugar for sweetness. It certainly has a tangy taste, from the yoghurt, and I love it.  Perfectly creamy and sharp, with just a little sweetness.  Topped with a smooth butterscotch sauce and walnuts this crepe cake was a beauty to behold, but cutting into it was incredible and hard to resist.  

I let the cake sit in the fridge for about an hour before cutting into it and I think that it helped the creamy yoghurt firm up a bit...meaning that it didn't all come oozing out the sides.  16 layers of crepe and youghurty cream topped with a sweet butterscotch sauce...heaven.  

If you are a fan of banana cake, and crepes, I would highly recommend this recipe.  It is a great weekend treat and it is stunning enough to be a party piece (plus it tastes great).  If bananas and yoghurt seem a bit too healthy for you, check out these other options: Sprinkle Bakes' Chocolate Amaretto  Crepe Cake (complete with amaretto truffles), Martha Stewart's Darkest Chocolate Crepe Cake (death by chocolate), Zen Can Cook's Green Tea Crepe Cake or this Nutella Crepe Cake from Ria's Collection (I know just the person for this one).   

One thing is for certain, this is NOT JUST a stack of crepes. 


  1. Victoria!!! you've inspired me with this....I decided to put aside the Blueberry crumble I was going to make for a b'day treat and make this crepe creation instead!!! Can't wait to dig into it....


  2. My mouth is actually watering. Who knew? A crepe cake and it looks amazing!