Saturday, 23 June 2012

Cardamom Buns with a twist...but without a Twist

On my birthday I was given the very sweet Nordic Bakery Cookbook.  I have been flipping through it practically every day since then, but have only JUST managed bake from it.  What to bake first was a really tough choice...rye bread...tarts...cake...pastries...buns.  In fact it was so difficult I was debating all week.  Finally I called for professional advice from the lovely Signe over at had to be buns.

These Cardamom Buns are different from the buns I've made recently.  Although all have been made from an enriched dough, these buns are truly soft and doughy...really soft.  The dough is flavoured with cardamom and sugar (and a good amount of melted butter) and then left to rise.  After rolling out 20 little dough balls you sort of pinch them into a bowl shape and leave to rise again.

The filling is a mixture of Quark (soft low fat cheese), Greek yoghurt and Pineapple, with a couple of eggs, sugar and vanilla thrown in for taste and texture. The recipe makes a lot of filling, too much actually...I would say it doesn't really matter, but since there are eggs in it I couldn't use the leftovers for anything, really. The recipe appears easy to half.  

These buns are gorgeous, they are soft and doughy and full of flavour.  The cardamom works well with the pineapple and cheese but I am thinking about mixing things up next time. Maybe I will make the cheese mixture minus the pineapple and then add some blueberry jam spooned on top? 

Oh! Just about time for a cup of coffee and a bun, perfect for taking my mind off the rain and wind battering my windows. 

Happy Midsummer...


  1. OK these look seriously unbelievably incredibly delicious. I'm not kidding ;) And really good photos, too!

  2. They look fabulous. I've got this book too, I'll have to have another look through it - I obviously missed these!