Monday, 11 June 2012

Biff Lindström...a scandi burger

This is one of the first recipes that jumped out at me when I started flipping through The Scandinavian Cookbook, by Trina Hahnemann.  Described as a cooked Steak Tartar, with a Scandinavian twist, I was immediately hooked.  

Served on pan fried potatoes this patty...essentially a hamburger...felt like something more than just a humble burger. The mince is mixed with finely diced onion, chives, capers and pickled beetroot, a dash of worcestershire sauce, some salt and pepper and a couple egg yolks (2 for 250g meat).  The mixture of the capers and the beetroot gave this burger so much flavour that I wasn't searching for sauces to smother it...and I didn't miss the bun at all.  

Another fantastic Scandi recipe to add to my repertoire.  The recipe suggests cooking this as a Sunday lunch or as a hangover cure.  It certainly was substantial, with a great balance of salty and sweet...but I couldn't imagine sticking my hands in raw mince after a heavy night on the tiles.  For now, I will use this as my Scandi Party Piece. 


  1. Sounds gorgeous- I'm addicted to capers at the moment and finding new ways to add them to food so this is perfect!

  2. Mmmm this looks absolutely divine! Am going to have to put that cookbook on my Amazon wishlist...