Thursday, 7 June 2012

Foodie Friends

I've been really lucky to have met some pretty awesome ladies since I have moved up here to Edinburgh, and I was totally giddy when I was presented with two totally incrEDIBLE pressies for my birthday this week.  

sweet chilli jam 

scones (with strawberry Pimms jam) 

Edible...and have to be at the top of my list to both give and receive.  I was so touched to receive these two gifts this week and have greedily gobbled them up...even the chilli jam is almost done!

These gifts have made me start thinking about what preserves and chutneys I'm going to try my hand at this summer in preparation for GAK DON'T SAY IT...Christmas.  I'm thinking Piccalilli, butternut squash chutney and something sweet...hmmmmmm

Is June to early to be thinking about this? 


  1. Yum! I can't wait to see what chutneys you come up with.

  2. Happy birthday. Great gifts to receive. Chilli jam is one of the most useful things to have in your kitchen in my view - I'm slightly addicted to it. Please don't mention Christmas too often yet - I'm still hoping there'll be a summer.

  3. know....Christmas is ALWAYS THE SAME TIME EVRY, if you can get a head start on pressies.....why not?????

    Looking forward to reading about your chutneys etc....


  4. I love chilli jam! I bet it's great to go with those scones too.

  5. I am feeling totes famous now!!! I made it into your blog! Whooooooop!!! I love butternut squash, it will be soon nice in a chutney.