Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Three more Pizzas

There is no stopping me now.
I've well and truly got the pizza making bug! 

"After the big game" pizza
Anchovies, green chillies, cheese and parsley 
Salty and spicy and perfect for clearing away the cobwebs.

Pineapple, red onion and cheese 
Sometimes I like something a little sweet on my pizza. 

Spicy Courgette
Thinly sliced courgettes tossed in oil,  garlic and chilli flakes and double cheese
A Friday night treat. 


  1. Victoria these look soooooo good. I've been inching towards making pizza dough for so long, and I know the minute I do I'll be in a frenzy of pizza making mania, too. These are all the inspiration I need to get going!

  2. I bought OO flour today. Can't wait to start making pizza's like yours. They look amazing!