Friday, 15 June 2012

lovecrumbs...a trip to eat cake and restore my sanity

I've had a horrible week.  In fact it was so horrible by Tuesday that I knew that I would have to seek therapy in the form of cake on Friday afternoon.  A few quick messages back and forth with some fellow Cake Ladies and the time and place were set.  

It has been a few weeks since my last visit to lovecrumbs and I just knew that their laid back vibe, excellent cakes and fantastic choice of teas would soothe my soul.  As always, the wardrobe was well stocked with cakes, brownies and shortbread, and the sideboard held a gorgeous selection of tarts and scones. 

I had been dreaming of a large slice of layered cake all week, but...since I managed to force down 2 doughnuts and a meringue at a colleague's birthday brekkie this morning...I decided to go for a scone with jam and cream.  I had been tempted by the cheese scone, but after a millisecond I thought that I didn't really need to go super savoury.  Fruit scone with raspberry jam and cream won out, with a cup of Earl Grey. 

I'd not had the scones at lovecrumbs before, and was very satisfied with the size, texture and fruitiness and it was definitely the right choice.  As always the service was friendly and the attention to detail makes lovecrumbs unlike any old cafe.  It is unique. 

Speaking of friend sampled this chocolate salt and vinegar layer cake.  It look divine, and seemed to I guess it was good! 

I emerged after an hour or so rejuvenated.  Cake with friends is the best therapy.  


  1. Poor thing. Hope things pick up soon. In the meantime...chocolate salt and vinegar cake?? Intriguing!


  2. you're soooo right.....cake with friends IS the best therapy...and you get a dose of "deeee - licious" thrown in for free!!