Monday, 4 June 2012

Paris in Leith...a Tealicious Afternoon

It is Jubilee Weekend here in the UK and I celebrated with a fabulous (if totally unpatriotic) afternoon tea hosted by the Tealicious ladies.  I must have some pretty stellar cakey-karma these days, because it is near impossible to score a ticket to Tealicious events...but I did.  

Early afternoon I wandered down to the gorgeous secret location in Leith, past red, white and blue bunting, and union jack decorations...and stepped into what I can only describe as Paris in Leith... le sigh, a Parisienne Tea. 

I've said it before, but I'll say it again...these gals know how to bake! On top of that... their attention to detail is excellent.  Everything looked and tasted like professional quality.  The savouries were dainty... cheesy gougeres, red onion and fig tartlettes, and herby palmiers.  While I think that the savouries are an important element for Afternoon Tea...I love that the Tealicious gals have made the decision to keep them small, helping their guests to avoid filling up so that we can focus on the real stars...the sweets.  

Scones, Friands, Madeleines, Paris-Brest and Macarons adorned the cake stands on each table, and 3 full sized cakes sat waiting...Fraisier, Cherry Charlotte Russe and a Creme Brulee Cheesecake. Nearing the end of the afternoon the petite fours were brought out...nougat and caramel chocolates. I am not just being kind when I say this...I've been to Paris and eaten enough pastries to be able to make  this  judgement... most of these pastries could rival those found in Parisienne shops.  

I greedily ate everything except for the friand, which I brought home in anticipation of needing a little sweet hit later in the evening.  I could have easily had seconds of everything, but my favourite had to be  the impressive looking, and divine tasting, rose and raspberry macaron.  On previous occasions the Tealicious gals have served small macarons with their petite fours, but yesterday these generous sized creations took centre stage.  

Another set of sticky thumbs up from me! 

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  1. Sounds Amazing !!! Glad you had Great Jubilee Celebrations xx