Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dining Out...In: An Evening at Charlie and Evelyn's Table

This weekend saw the return of Charlie and Evelyn's Table to the Edinburgh Supper Club Scene and I was lucky enough to snag a spot.  Run by the talented, and lovely, Chris and Rachel Rowley, this supper club is proud to be Edinburgh's first (they started welcoming guests in Jan 2010) and after a move, renovation and the arrival of a baby they are back in the kitchen with a summer's worth of menus.  

It seems like ages ago that I *finally* took the leap into the supper club scene, and since then I have been eager awaiting the return of Charlie and Evelyn's Table...and so, bevvies in hand fellow Cake Lady Michelle and I wandered over...not knowing what to expect.  We had both read (and heard) rave reviews from friends who had been before, so we knew that everything was going to be lovely...but there was still those flutters of anxiety and excitement.  Putting yourself, and your entire dining experience, into the hands of a chef and waiting staff is one thing...sitting down to a table of 12 another. 

We were warmly welcomed and made to feel at home and began talking to those who had already arrived.  Promptly the remaining diners joined us and we were officially welcomed by Rachel.  There was a really nice mix of people, some who had been before, some who had read about it months ago in Sainsbury's Magazine, and others (like us) who knew people who had been before (and raved).  Chris came through to talk about the menu and then produced hot from the oven stilton gougeres and wonton soup spoons filled with seared tuna with a wasabi dressing.  We chatted and soon were invited into the dining room. 

When Charlie and Evelyn's Table started diners actually ate around a table that belonged to Chris' grandparents...Charlie and Evelyn.  That table is now Chris and Rachel's family dining table, it sits in their new kitchen and is part of a different side of their life.  Now guests sit around a considerably larger table...with Charlie and Evelyn watching from the mantle piece. 

Our menu was designed around the main course, Individual Beef Wellingtons, which were the special request of some return diners.  As an amuse bouche we enjoyed a tuscan tomato and bread soup, followed by a starter of salmon rillettes with toast, and then onto the main course of beef wellies.  Everything was lovely, and the attention to detail was perfect.  I enjoyed every bit of my meal, but...of was the dessert that got the gold star from me. 

Lemon and Rosemary Tarts with creme fraiche.  This tart was the perfect end to the meal.  The pastry was wonderful and the lemon curd didn't score too high on the pucker scale.  The thing that won me over was the rosemary.  It makes sense when you think about it, lemon and rosemary go well together...with roast chicken and potatoes...but they also work surprisingly well in a savoury dish.

Another wonderful night! A return visit is definitely on the cards. 

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