Saturday 20 February 2010

Fishy Friday

On Friday afternoons the "gourmet" market comes to Chelmsford high street.  By Paris standards, or even London, it isn't really that gourmet...but there is a wonderful little fish stall that has a pretty good selection of freshly caught fish and seafood (oh and jellied eels if that is your thing). 

I like to buy a bit of fish on Fridays for a nice end of the week treat so yesterday on our errands mummy and I picked up a gigantic side of Haddock for supper.  When the fish guy was weighing seemed like just enoguh for three people, but when I got it home...and unwrapped it...holy moly!!!  It was a gigantic piece of fish! I managed (with mummy's help) to cut off two portions to freeze...and still had plenty left over for last night's supper!

When David and I were back in Canada in the fall my friend Emily and her husband Ryan gave us the beautiful Bride & Groom cookbook from Williams-Sonoma.  This cookbook is seriously beautiful, it has wonderful recipes for entertaining, and amazing pictures and, well, I haven't had a chance to use it last night I tried a tasty recipe for French Style Lentils with Grilled Salmon....substituting the Salmon for Haddock of course (and grilled under the broiler in the oven). 

The recipe calls for Puy Lentils, which are produced in France and are supposed to keep their lense-like shape much better than other lentils when cooked.  I couldn't find Puy Lentils on my outing yesterday, so I settled for brown lentils, which held their shape and tasted wonderful! The lentils are boiled in water with a bit of dried thyme, half way through you add some chppped carrot, celery and yellow onion (chopped tiny and uniform) that have been sauteed for a bit in butter, then...when the water has cooked down you add some vinegar and olive oil....So so tasty!! 


  1. What an interesting way of serving a fish meal; love that idea. I'm trying to include more legumes in our diet.

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying it :)


  3. Sage...Rita, surprisingly it was pretty filling just having the fish and lentils! xo

    Emily...I have made a list of all the recipes I want to try! Thanks again! xo