Wednesday 3 February 2010

Tuesday's adventure with Tofu!

Last week I bought some tofu in anticipation of making a Vietnamese recipe from the World Vegetarian Classics book, which really needs to be back in the library soon....but, well, I changed my mind about the tofu noodle dish and yesterday looking through the fridge I saw the box sitting there on the shelf begging to be used...handy actually because I was dieing to try another recipe as a test run for when Lee comes to visit next week. NEXT WEEK!

I really really really really like tofu.  I don't LOVE it when it is cold, but if it is warm (or deep fried) I will finish every last bit! I didn't know if David would like it or not, but thankfully he is pretty adventurous!!

In preparation for Lee's visit (we've planned the menu already!) I stocked up on a few Asian ingredients while I was in London over the weekend meaning that I was totally ready to rock the tofu yesterday!! Having lived in Toronto and London I sometimes find it annoying that there isn't more of a variety of international ingredients at my supermarket in Chelmsford.  They are getting better...recently I have spied a Thai section of imported goods (not just UK brand name stuff) and also saw tinned bamboo shoots and water chestnuts yesterday in the "Indian and Chinese" section...there is hope, and I know that I can always request things...I might build up the courage!

In total this recipe took about 1 hour to complete (including time for marinating) and, although a bit fiddly, it was worth the organisation/preparation. 

First the tofu is marinaded in hoisin sauce for 30 mins, then it is wrapped in softened rice paper wrappers with a corriander leaf and left to self-seal in the fridge for about 15 mins.  All that can be done in advance (which is what I did) and then taken out and deep fried minutes before serving.

These Crackling Rice-paper Parcels with Hoisin Tofu were surprisingly amazing! I was actually really happy with myself.  I rarely deep fry anything, and haven't used rice-paper wrappers before but the results were really nice.  Some of the wrappers got a bit too brown, and one (in the middle) sort of split...but the taste and texture was really nice. 


  1. Hey!

    My baking course is going well.I am actually forward to next week class where we will make creme caramel bavarian cream. That will be good!

    I love tofu but I rarely cook with it. In fact, I did a 2-week tofu course more than one year ago (okay, I am having fun doing multiple cooking courses without the slight intention to make it a career) and I learned a lot :).

  2. what an interesting use of tofu and rice paper!

  3. Sounds to me like you need to treat yourself to a personal copy of this amazing cookbook!!!!


  4. Karen...i can't wait to have some extra cash to take cooking classes!! I have my eye on a year long pastry course!!

    Ravenous Couple...thanks for stopping by! It was interesting a tasty!

    Mummi-ji...I thought I would get it...but have copied out most of the recipes I have used...there are a lot that don't interest me! Yeah Library!!!

  5. Yummy Yummy Yummy!!! You're way too good!!! I'm AMAZED!
    Makes me want to try some- I am quite adventurous too, but just about food!
    Keep up the good work,
    This is really a gourmet!

  6. Annalisa...thank you so much!! they were really easy! and...if you are comfortable deep frying so so so much easier!! try them! xo

  7. I just can't get into tofu; tried a couple times in some recipe and found it tasteless. i know what you mean when you can't find that certain ingredient for a recipe. Countdown is on now for you; very exciting!