Monday 1 February 2010

Perfect comforting lunch to help recover from a tough weekend x

What a whirlwind weekend!! First of all...the brownies were a HUGE hit!Soft and creamy and a perfect mix of salty and sweet...and surprisingly yummy with a bottle or two of white wine! Just what the doctor ordered! I can't claim that they healed a broken heart, but they definetly helped make the weekend happier!

It was hard to wake up this morning, I am totally emotionally drained.  After a bit of a lounge on the couch I motivated myself to get up and go out and wander to the grocery store to stock up for the week (poor david has to buy his lunch today cause there was NOTHING in the fridge...other than half a red cabbage and a leek)...

As I was out I was trying to think of something to make for lunch that would be comforting and something special...something that I might normally make during the weekend to share...something that might take a little bit of time but that would provide some much needed healing. 

I settled on pasta e ceci...similar to pasta e fagoli...a wonderful rich, tender and filling Italian pasta and bean thick soup.  I say it is a thick soup because the consistency is really up to you, I like it pretty thick, more like a pasta dish than a soup, but a friend of mine's father from southern Italy used to make it for me as a soup.

The perfect remedy for my head, heart and body after a very emotional weekend.  I used Jamie Oliver's Pasta e Ceci recipe from his book Jamie's Italy.  To be honest, I haven't tried many recipes in this cookbook, but true to Jamie-form it was simple and delicious.  


  1. I don't cook from my Jamie Oliver books very much, but when I do, I'm rarely disappointed! Great dish.

  2. apples and butter...i collect jamie oliver books like crazy, but don't actually use them! like you said though...rarely disappointed when I do! thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. I don't own any of Jamie Oliver's books, though I know him..But pasta e ceci ( and pasta e fagioli too) I love it, and the way you made it it's wonderful! A wonderful presentation and result..I agree with you, I prefer it thick too..A wonderful comfy dish!Yummy!!!


  4. Annalisa...the best part of it is that there are leftovers for tuesday! i am happy that i didn't have to share! xo