Thursday 11 February 2010

Vietnamese inspired cold rolls

One of my most favourite pick-me-ups is a big hot steamy bowl of Vietnamese Pho soup.  I've not been to Vietnam so I can't honestly say with certainty that I have had authenic pho before...but my first expereinces were in a small fluorescent lit restaurant in the east end of Toronto, surrounded by numerous other vietnamese restaurants, all promoting Pho.  Since then I actively search out Pho wherever I go...One of my most favourite restaurants in London, aptly named PHO, is close to Oxford Circus and was the perfect location to revive ourselves after a long walk and windowshopping yesterday.

Today I took some inspiration from our spring rolls and big bowls of hot and steamy soup and made some crunchy satisfying fresh rolls filled with corriander, cucumber, carrot, red onion, red pepper and lettuce wrapped in left over rice wrappers (which I have since found for sale in the local market)...and served cold!

The dip is a new sweet chili dipping sauce from Marks and Spencers Simply Food with added mango! yum!


  1. Never had Pho Soup but now I'm curious; won't find that here but when we travel....

  2. Sage...Rita, if you like rice noodles and beef and broth and vietnamese flavours than you will love Pho!

  3. Never had this before. But I'm willing to try anything at least once.

  4. When you're back in TO, I'll take you for what I think is authentic.