Thursday 23 June 2011

Belleau Kitchen Random Recipe Challenge: My New Cookbook

When Dom at Belleau Kitchen posted his June Challenge, My New Cookbook, I had to bide my was days before my birthday and I was hoping for some new cookbooks (no word of a lie I haven't had a new cookbook since July last year). 

Well...didn't I just luck out...two new cookbooks in my hot little hands!! Denis Cotter's "for the love of food" an incredible vegetarian cookbook with recipes that remind me of Ottolenghi's Plenty (think long ingredient lists with incredible results) and Stephane Reynaud's "365 good reasons to sit down and eat", which has a seasonal, french recipe for every day of the year.  

What to make first? Such a hard decision.

I plan my meals for a fortnight and when I made this week's plan I was thinking...end of June, sun, heat, time for salads!! Denis Cotter has a whole chapter dedicated to salads that eat like a meal and I greedily chose a handful to fill my meal plan.  

So, have you been enjoying the sun in Edinburgh? I hear you  It has rained for about a week straight...and it's been chilly....hardly salad weather.  

Sticking to my meal plan last night, with a quick tweak (or two), I made this easy warm pea salad with cherry tomatoes, basil, red onions and garlic.  The first tweak was my choice of pea...the recipe calls for sugar snaps but I used a huge heap of freshly podded peas instead.  The second tweak? serving it with some baked fish, pita and hummus...much more weather friendly.  


  1. I love that salad... peas are simply my favourite thing!... thanks so much for taking part and i'm sorry for the weather!

  2. I love salads any time of year! Great idea to plan ahead, always makes walking the isles of the supermarket so much easier. No gazing at shelves thinking - well that's what happens to me!

  3. Victoria, what a super salad. Your new books sound super, I'm tempted to get the French one for my house in Brittany, I'm just popping into Amazon now...

  4. Any better in Edinburgh today? We've had endless rain here in Aberdeen too. :-(
    Great idea to tweak it to make it appropriate for Scotland!

  5. oooh.... delicious!
    Can you send me that recipe please???

  6. Dom...I love peas too....I especially like podding them!!! :)

    two too salads are great any time of year...but sometimes i need something warming along side! I still love wandering the aisles...

    A trifle rushed...the french book is excellent, and would suit your brittany uses lots of french produce and products.

    Please do not...great day here on Monday...rain due back today (not as bad as Aberdeen)!!

    AB...yup yup yup !! xxx

  7. sorry about the weather. haha. the day i left london, it was a freakishly hot day, too hot, so it's not any better i feel. that said, i'm glad it gave you the chance to make this warm salad. i agree, freshly podded peas are the best! can hardly believe the sweetness bursting through when I first ate them!

  8. Shu Han...thank you for your comments! :)