Wednesday 1 June 2011

Exploring Edinburgh's Cupcake Offerings Stop 1

I was spoiled for choice in London...famous cupcakes minutes from work...easy to stop by at lunch, or for a special occasion(al) treat.  Now, in a new city...I find myself starting back at square one.

I've made a list of cupcake shops to visit over the next few weeks to try to suss out Edinburgh's ultimate cupcake shop...starting with a stop at Bibi's Bakery located just off Rose Street in Edinburgh's New Town.  The bakery is in the back, and can be seen from the sidewalk through a huge window on the side of the building.  We (I didn't have to drag David out on this errand) stopped by late in the day, so the red velvet were all gone :( weep...but managed to eventually decide on a Cookies and Cream and a Double Chocolate cupcake.  With our choices packaged up in a little box we zoomed home and put on the kettle.

The cupcakes were good and it was especially nice that the cookies and cream had chunks of Oreo mixed through the batter. I prefer my cupcakes to have risen above the cases, which these hadn't...but...that's just my own hangup.  I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if a box of these magically appeared on my table (hint hint).

I'm not going to bother with a grading system...I don't know if I can really compare cupcakes with a scientific method. Ultimately, it is all down to personal choice...and I know what I like...


  1. Ahh Rose Street xxx

  2. How exciting, exploring new bakeries. These look lovely, I may have been tempted to eat them straight away. I admire your will power!

  3. what a delicious challenge to have assigned yourself!!....and those who are lucky to get to Edinburgh will certainly benefit from your findings!!! YUM YUM,


  4. you can visualise whereI am talking about! :)

    A Trifle Rushed...i had to get a photo...that was the only thing making me wait till we got home!!

    Mummi-ji...i know!! a great selfish challenge!! :) x

  5. Hi Vic I have a +1 button on my panel for posting on Facebook and Twitter and i don't like it !! any ideas what it is about xxxxx

  6. They look delicious, and I wouldn't complain if a box showed up on my table either! Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. That is a fun project...exploring bakeries. I would be right behind you.