Tuesday 21 June 2011

Edinburgh Larder...a fantastic escape from the rain

This blog didn't set out to offer reviews of restaurants and cafes...it is meant to be a log of my adventures in the kitchen and around the house...but since we've relocated to Edinburgh I can't help but want to SHARE with you some of the fantastic little (and large) finds I've...well...found!

It's a wonder I have any pennies left...coffee isn't expensive, but...I've been trying to limit my new experiences to once a week...it is only Tuesday and I've spent my coffee money for the week already!! Blame it on the rain (cue milli vanilli), blame it on my unemployment, blame it on the need to be out of the house for a few hours during the day...what ever I blame it on, the fact is...

Pottering equals coffee treat every time.

I found myself wandering around old town this morning (after a stop at the library and post office...no mail to Canada....strike) with a knapsack full of books, some un-mailable mail and the heavens threatening to open at any minute.  I can't say that today's cafe treat happened entirely by accident, I WAS on the hunt for a cafe...BUT the cafe that I had actually WANTED to try was CLOSED!!

So back along the Royal Mile I started walking (in the rain) past totally over priced tourist traps, wondering where I would be able to take cover...when I had to stop at the corner of a pretty small street to let a truck turn...and there I could just about make out a really lovely looking sign (awesome font and colours) for a cafe...Edinburgh Larder.

When I walked in I fell in love instantly...lovely wooden tables, big glass cooler case of salads, rustic breads...local produce...

I had a seat in the window, so I could watch the rain and the backpackers tumble out of the hostel opposite.  The windowsill was covered in cookbooks, some marked, some dogeared, some new...and a collection of cookery writing books as well...if I had all day I would have just sat there reading and eating and copying out recipes.

I had a huge bowl of porridge (cooked in milk....yum!) with brown sugar and a latte.  Major bonus points for the latte served in a mug...not a glass...hey! I am picky (I quizzed the guy working there...and he agreed with me) and yes, it would have made a difference.

Anyway, if you find yourself in Edinburgh old town close to the Royal Mile and North Bridge it is worth the detour to Blackfriars street.  I'll be checking them out for lunch next!

Edinburgh Larder


  1. I love this entry. Vic.
    I felt like I was there with you.
    I think perhaps you need to start writing a book...

  2. You make it sound like a really nice place; enjoy.

  3. Sounds wonderful XXXX

  4. I love happy accidents and lattes! Sounds like a lovely place to relax!

  5. AB...shanks :) hahah a book? maybe i'll write one just for you, cept you know edin pretty well :)

    Rita...it was lovely! thanks :)

    Cherry...somewhere new for you to visit when you come up next!

    OBandCS...happy accidents are the best kind!!! and i'll never pass up a latte!

  6. I don't know Mrs. Blogg... I think all of the adventures recorded in this blog could be culminated into a best seller (with recipes in the back...) Think about it. Edinburgh is known for "magically" producing best sellers (especially when written in cozy cafes)

  7. I wish I could travel to Scotland. Everything always seems so neat and unique. Maybe its the way you describe everything. Oh, by the way I spend way too much on coffee myself.