Thursday 9 June 2011

Post Birthday Kedgeree

There is nothing quite like a curry chilli hit to dust those old woman cobwebs out of my head! 

Last night I made my own sort-of store cupboard Kedgeree.  While usually reserved as a breakfast dish, I love kedgeree for dinner...I love a big bowl of it, with lots of coriander and a blob of yoghurt, eaten snuggled up on the couch...perfection.   Yeah took 2 pots and one pan to make...but it is so so so easy! Rice goes (I used 2 defrosted coley portions...cheaper than un-dyed smoked haddock) and eggs into another pot to poach/hard boil...and then you just throw it all together with a gently fried sliced onion, a red chilli, a handful of frozen peas, a couple of tablespoons of curry paste and some lemon juice! 

I have a feeling 31 is going to be a good year! 


  1. Happy Birthday! Your kedgeree looks delicious and I agree it's a great supper dish.

  2. A Trifle...thank you!!!! :) it was delicious...and there is enough leftover for lunch today!! :)

  3. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thirty one is the perfect long ago for me. I have never made or tasted kedgeree. sounds very tempting.

  4. I love kedgeree for dinner too. Good to know I'm not the only one... hehe... Hope you had a wonderful birthday!