Thursday, 28 January 2010

Baking Ban Lifted...for a very worthy cause!

Last week I felt the need to bake desperately, and over the past few days I have really begun to struggle again.  Today, however, the ban was lifted. 

While you might think that I am overjoyed by my return to baking...I am actually breaking my ban to help one of my really close friends.  She's recently become single again and I'm heading down to sotuh London to spend the weekend with her...

Of course this calls for the creation of something sweet and soft and chewy and fattening!

Earlier this week Karen at Food Gourmand had me salivating over her Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies and on closer investigation I saw her link to an earlier post for Peanut Butter Brownies


This afternoon (when the butter was finally soft) I dusted off the Kitchen Aid and gave the bowl a good wipe out and got down to business!

oh wow!

mix mix mix

PB in...Kraft all the way from Canada!

et voila...

Soft, chewy and peanut buttery!


In Karine's recipe she adds chocolatey ganache over top but I am just not ready for that much sweet!

Brownies? Blondies? You decide!


  1. My son is here for a visit and I made his favourite...Chocolate Brownies, arecipe I have been making since they were kids.

  2. yummylicious!!!Oh my, they are soooo inviting, :) You really shouldn't post this yummy food when I am around :D ehehe..A perfect result, no peanut butter here!:(

    Glad you baked again, don't you just feel much better after baking!?! :)


  3. I am glad you liked them! And I hope they will help your friend feel better :).

  4. Rita...yum yum yum! Lucky son!! :)

    Annalisa...baking yesterday made me feel so much better! not going to be able to keep it up though :(

    Karine...Thank you! I am sure they will help in their own little tasty way!!

  5. These look positively delightful! My husband loves peanut butter cookies, so this would be something he would love for me to bake.

  6. It is cruel and unusualy punnishment to make me look at these before I've even had my lunch! In all seriousness, those look amazing. I am officially drooling.

  7. Eating brownies is a good mended for whatever ails you. Hope your friend enjoyed them.

  8. Jenny...they taste exactly like peanut butter cookies, so so yummy!

    Apples and Butter...I highly reccommend these! i drooled all weekend (while they lasted!) thanks for stopping by!

    Moogie...baked goods are a god send! they were especially helpful after a few bottles of wine! xo