Tuesday, 19 January 2010


The RSVPs are starting to roll in....

I thought that I would post some pictures of the invitations I made for our wedding since they took up a HUGE chunk of my creative life and....in the end....I am actually pretty proud of them! Because we had to wait until my visa was granted to set the wedding date in stone, but also had to give overseas guests a long window in which to organise flights etc.  there was relatively little choice in terms of having invitations made for us.  We saw some really nice printed invitations in the few wedding magazines I picked up, but they mostly all had a wait time of 2-3 months...which was totally not possible for our situation.  So, we hijacked a format we liked from the magazine and recreated it Windows Publisher and then bought some really nice cards and a glue stick and a paper cutter and....

We had the David & Victoria stamp made and bought the tree stamp separately.  I also bought a paper punch in the shape of the heart, and I am planning on punching a whole bunch of hearts to put on the tables and around the bar.  The ribbon...To Have and to Hold...was probably the most expensive item other than all the paper, but from all the comments I have had...it is the extra special touch my guests have commented on the most. 

This Saturday will mark the beginning of the 6 week countdown...I still feel like there is tonnnnnnnes to do, but in the end I know it will all come together!! 


  1. Those invitations are gorgeous, really. They couldn't be more heartfelt, and wedding-y.
    The red is lovely, and that Ribbon! Spectacular. well done :)

  2. You are very talented; these are so nice and personal. Cute name Mrs Blogg. Wishing you a fun 6 weeks of anticipation.
    Apples For Jam: Recipes For Life is finally on it's way.

  3. How pretty!!!!! Is my invite in the mail?

  4. Wow, that's our invitation in the photo.
    How lovely.
    I commented to Matt about the ribbon. It is a beautiful touch.
    Can't wait to get there and be part of the festivities.
    Love ya to bits

  5. LeeM...thanks!!! I fell in love with the colour when I saw it....actually I think we both did! x

    Rita...thank you for your lovely comment. I actually enjoyed making the invites, despite the amount of time it took! So Happy that Apples for Jam is finally on its way...I hope you love it as much as I do! x

    Moogie...Bring some of your amazing creations and come!!! Only a longhaul flight away!! x

    Auntie Lori...hurry up and get here!!! xxx

  6. i've shown your invite to all sorts of people at work and they all thought that the colour of the paper was fabulous!!! and the ribbon was an extra sepcial touch.....you're so smart!!!



  7. Mummi-ji...hmmm wonder where i get my smarts from...xoxoxoxoxo

  8. we *loved* the ribbon. it lives on!