Friday, 15 January 2010

Cable Cuffs

In the 16 boxes of "stuff" that arrived last weekend I found a bag full of odds and ends of yarn and wool...YIPPPEEEEEEEEE more wool!!  And just in time....because all I have left in my old stash is cotton....and I just LOVE knitting with 100% wool. 

It is so so so hard to find 100% wool here in Chelmsford...mostly it is either Acrylic or a I was really happy to see the Pattons Merino wool sitting in my boxes for me. 

Over this week between unpacking and ironing and laundry and tiding and cooking and everything I have been able to enjoy a little bit of my lovely wool and have knit these beautiful cuffs for my friend Hannah's birthday pressie. 

Perfect for keeping wrists warm on cool days...if you are stuck at a desk....typing all day....or just hanging out grabbing a coffee!


  1. These are adorable! I wish I knew how to looks like fun! lol.

  2. Victoria!! your knitting has come such a long way...look at how beautiful your tension is!!!
    I'm seeing so many items that would sell like hotcakes on the market stall table!!

    fabulous.....keep it up!!!! and maybe your canadian visitors should bring you some wool when they come to visit????? eh????


  3. Carrie...thanks for your comment! I gave these to my friend Hannah last night and now feel a bit jealous of her! Maybe knitting is something you could try when you are in Germany? xo

    Mummi-ji...aren't these so so so great?? YES perhaps my Canadian visitors (read YOU) should bring me some wool! xo