Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Indonesian Streetfood...comfort at its best

Wow, I think that Tuesday might be the new Monday! I was so bummed yesterday, it felt like a Monday...I supposed my only solace was the fact that it was actually less day till the weekend!! Oh dear!

Actually, now that I think about Tuesday blues stem from a very busy friend filled weekend tumbling into our wonderful intimate farewell meal for Mike on Monday, leaving me and David with absolutely no time alone...hence the blues....and top it all off...Tuesday is soccer night for David followed, this week, by beers and soccer on tv at the pub with the guys for a FINAL farewell for Mike...No girls allowed!!! What a bummer of a few days!!!

I literally did nothing yesterday...that's not entirely true, I did manage to go for a walk and to the grocery store and iron some shirts for David...but other than that...nothing.  So when it came time for dinner I needed comfort, I needed warmth, and I needed to use up the left over rice and veggies in the fridge. 

What better to tick all those boxes than a fantastic Indonesian meatless fried rice dish called Nasi Goreng!! This is traditional Indonesian streetfood at its best (according to friends who have actually travelled Indonesia!) and no two people make it the all good traditional recipes! (Funny that...)

In its purest form it is an onion, carrot, chili sauce with some spices thrown in....all simmered and thickened...and then you stir fry the pre cooked and cooled rice....topped with scrambled eggs, green onion, chilies, corriander or watercress....anything you want really.  I also added thiny sliced mushrooms and zucchini when making the sauce. Alternatively you can buy the stir fry sauce in a jar and just sautee some veggies, add the sauce and then the rice. 

Regardless, it is spicy, warm and filling...perfect comfort. 

David managed two helpings before being rushed off to soccer.  Judging by the state he was in when he came to bed at 2 this morning...I am not sure it was filling enough to counteract the amount of beer he drank last night....but for made my Tuesday Blues fade enough!


  1. We are allowed those bummer day; let it go.
    Guess what?
    Finally 'Apples for Jam: Recipes for Life" just arrived; what a beautiful book! anxious to g to it! Thank you for suggesting way back!

  2. This looks So delicious - you're so innovative, I am impressed.

    This was such a good idea, I have a theory that chili is somehow always comforting, thoughts?

  3. You need a dessert to lift your spirits.

  4. Rita...I am glad it finally arrived! Happy cooking! Bummer days allowed...I know...just a real bummer when combined with a cold rainy grey day.

    LeeM....chilli is always good...unless you have an upset tummy!

    Moogie...I do I do I do need dessert!!