Friday, 8 January 2010

This made my WEEK!

This past week I have been struggling with the return to reality after what seems like a very long holiday period...and yesterday the decorations came down, and the tree found its way out the door waiting to be recylced.  Spending the whole day alone after being surrounded by friends and family for the last 2 weeks has left me lonesome this week (not to mention the constant snow, ice and deep freeze leaving me feeling more isolated than ever). 

But then, through the post slot this morning came a bright yellow sunny envelope containing a card from my Aunt Sandi....that looked like this

And inside it said


Totally made my week!! Thank you Aunt Sandi! xo


  1. :) aww, this is a lovely card!and isn't it so nice, to receive something like that?!? something simple yet cute like a card can make your day, and make you smile all the day :)
    I understand what you mean, I still can't believe the "dear" old routine of school, home, work has already started again!
    Lovely blog, keep up the good work.

  2. what a nice Auntie you have!!!! just remember that even though the decorations are down, and poeple have gone back to work....YOU are in the midst of a great adventure == wedding preparations!!! and neighbourhood reconaisance...lots to do even with the baking hiatus!!


  3. OMG..... I love it!!!!!!!

  4. You're quite welcome darling gurl!!!!I think this company has a VERY creative website:
    Your creativity came to mind when I found this card.
    There's always playdough you could make instead of baked goods!!!!!!
    Aunt Sandi oxoxo

  5. Annalisa- any mail other than bills makes my day!! One week back into the out routine now...ugh! Thanks for you lovely comments!

    JP- I know I have a nice Auntie...she must have inherited her kindness from her big sister! lots and lots to keep me busy!

    Moogie- usually I put special cards like this in my daily planner...but this year I have downsized to a pocket planner...I think this card will live on the bookshelf forever!

    Aunt Sandi- mmmm i love play dough too!!! thanks again for my lovely card! xo