Friday, 8 January 2010

K1, P2...cup of tea for me and you!

Months ago I posted about the masses of yarn I bought in the January Sales at John Lewis in 2009 (gosh! a whole year ago)...and over the last couple of weeks I have been busy trying to find ways to use it up (still).  If you remember I was working on sampler squares to stitch together in a sort-of patchwork blanket...well...I just don't have the patience to wait until about a billion squares are done...

I borrowed two books from the library, which have patterns for projects that use two balls of wool (or less)...but wasn't really wowed by any of the patterns I saw...sigh

Recently I've become obsessed with tea pots and tea cosies and tea cups and saucers longer all the goodies that go along with them (one day soon I can love that again).  There is just something so wonderful about small sandwiches and little tarts and hot steaming tea and lovely company. 

David and I have tea together every morning before he goes off to work...and I don't just meant boiling the kettle and plonking a tea bag in a mug...we have a proper pot of tea (complete with tea cosy) on the table, and our glass milk bottle.  It is the part of our morning ritual that gets me ready for the day and gives us those few settled minutes in the morning...together...

Anyway....the combination of an overflow of yarn, the desire to keep busy knitting, and my fondness for tea cosies lead me to click click click click the evenings away over the last couple of days...producing two cute, but simple, knitted tea cosies. 

Dusty Rose

Purple Pieman

Here in the UK there is a online craft network similar to etsy, called Folksy, which I am thinking about joining somewhere down the road.  Maybe these two tea cosies will be the start of an empire?? 


  1. if you were selling them at a market stall -- I would buy them!!! for me AND my friends!!!
    Give that some thought -- it might lead to a promising enterprise....

    in canada

  2. Tea makes the world go round. My husband and I have a cup of tea first thing avery morning!

  3. adorable!!!!!!!!1

  4. JP- a market stall might be in the cards! siiigh a girl can dream x

    Rita- i totally agree, infact i think i would be pretty sad all day if david and i skipped our morning tea together.

    Moogie- thanks!!! :)