Tuesday, 5 January 2010

January 4th...the real start to a new year!

After new years eve David and I had a few social engagements left to attend meaning that the ever popular new year diet regieme was put off "till tomorrow" and then "till the 4th"...which was back to work for David and back to wedding planning reality for me!

Only two short months left until the big day! Some of you will remember that I had my dress made when I visited my parents in October...meaning that all those shortbreads and mince pies and bevvies and potato chips and cakes and bacon wrapped sausages and stuffing and...and...and...(well you get the picture) it has all added up and I don't want a disaster in March!

And so....it is with saddness and disbelief that I announce

A Baking Hiatus

I am not just talking baking here at home...but also the purchasing and consuming of any baked goods.  I am a little bit concerned about it...I mean I don't know if I can actually STOP baking...but I am going to give it a go.  There are a couple of exceptions to this break...c'mon you can't imagine I would be able to quit cold turkey do you?

1. Birthdays...I can't not bake a cake for a birthday...that would just be rude.
2. Out for dinner....while I would almost always choose appetizer over dessert...but just incase there is something killer on the menu (and if I go out for dinner!)

Bye bye beautiful mixing bowls and stand mixer...I will find wonderful ways to use you over the next two months I promise...

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