Friday, 22 January 2010

Quick freezer fix...meat is served

A Wedding EXPLOSION happened yesterday...I seemed to have about a million and one things to do, including picking up our wedding notices (wedding license) in Colchester...30 min drive, park, walk, wait, walk, pay for parking, drive...

I had thought ahead before I left the house in the morning...busy day = quick dinner...but with no food in the fridge and the irregularity of my veggie deliveries on Thursdays due to weather I was in a fix...

I broke...well not entirely, but sorta....I defrosted a container of Bolognaise Sauce that I made at the beginning of the month....for Pasta Bolognaise last night.  I say I broke because we have gone 2 whole weeks without buying/cooking meat in this house....David managed KFC and BURGER KING when he was in London last weekend...but needs must eh?

Anyway, after a busy day and no desire to stock up on anything at the grocery store I was happy to return home to my defrosted sauce.  All I had to do was boil some water and cook the tagliatelle...oh and heat up the sauce...easy peasy!

To make the meal less like an out of the freezer and on to the table kind of deal I served it in some of my bowls that were shipped from Canada.  And you know what? That in itself made my quick meal that much more special!!

Did you know that Bolognaise suce is apparently traditionally paired with Tagliatelle? I just learnt that recently...


  1. Nothing beats that little extra. I really believe itvtastes better when you take time with presentation. Love that sauce recipe; thanks.
    You should post it on your blog

  2. It looks super delicious!!!

  3. lovely bowls Hoia!!! your daddy will be pleased to see them being used....


  4. Mummi...You can tell my daddy that I made sure they were rinsed, washed and put away very soon after eating! x