Tuesday 6 March 2012

Burgher Burger 2...pop up burgers in the "Burgh"

Still stuffed to the max with the luscious cakes from my Afternoon Tea on Sunday, David and I trundled off  last night to another of Edinburgh's hot new pop-up events, Burgher Burger.  Picture this...well known chef meets the not-so-humble burger in a secret location...add in 40 or so greedy diners, ample amounts of Innis and Gunn beers (specially matched to each course) and you have the guerilla dining experience. 

We arrived a little haggard after our lightening paced walk up Leith Walk, to the totally fitting Punjab’n de Rasoi, and were met with the hustle and bustle of a party already in full swing...even though only about half the diners had arrived.  The atmosphere was fantastic, as was the service...and the menu? Well the menu was fierce!

Last night's chef was the charismatic Tony Singh (I have a little crush on him from last year's Great British Menu) and trust me...this menu summed up what I saw on tv.  It was fresh and inventive and man did it pack a punch! 

The Tamarind Broth was a really nice way to start the meal.  It was spicy and full of veggies, noodles and meat.  I thought it was a hearty dish for something billed as a broth, but oh so yummy.  I could have easily eaten a slightly larger bowl as my whole meal.  In fact, I'd love the recipe.  

The Bhangra Burger...I don't know what to say except that it was the biggest burger I have seen in my life.  Spiced potato, lamb and mint patty, slow cooked lamb, sauce, pickle AND a bun.  I need to have this again...need to! 

Finally, the black forest samosa...I am ashamed to admit that it was my downfall.  I could only eat half of it, and that was a struggle.  It was just as good as the other two courses, but I was fit to burst! 

We weren't able to get tickets to the first event last month, but our dining companions raved about it as well.  With a different chef (and style) at each event I can only assume Burgher Burger will turn into a competition of one-up-manship...a competition well worth attending, again and again and again.  

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  1. I can see definite advantages to living in a thriving city - what fun. So love the idea of pop ups.